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Bone Broth for Dogs

bone broth

It seems like every Instagram nutritionist worth their salt is drinking bone broth these days. But drinking bone broth for health benefits dates back to way before the paleo trend. Humans have been consuming bone broth for thousands of years to support digestion, joint health and reduced inflammation, among other benefits. 

And when it comes to bone broth for dogs, the benefits are much the same. From joint health to organ function to digestive benefits, bone broth can do your dog quite a bit of good. Plus, most dogs seem to have a natural appetite for it. Win-win.

What is bone broth? 

Bone broth is basically exactly what it sounds like: the broth that is created by boiling down (and then removing) animal bones. It can be used for sauces, soups, health drinks and more. Just about any animal’s bones can be used for bone broth, from chicken to pork to fish and everything in between.

Is bone broth good for my dog?

The short answer is: yes, as long as it’s served in moderation and never with actual bones, as these can be a choking hazard.

The health benefits of bone broth for dogs is similar to the benefits for humans. Here are a few of the things bone broth can do for your furry friend:

  1. Support joint health due to collagen content, so your best friend can keep playing fetch into old age.
  2. Assist in liver detoxing, which is especially helpful for dogs who consume all kinds of strange things (think: whatever your apartment’s lawn staff is spraying on the grass).
  3. Promote healthy digestion for happy dog tummies.
  4. Encourage a dehydrated dog to drink his water (just mix a little bone broth in his water bowl)
  5. Make new food more appealing, if your dog is hesitant to try a new type of dog food

How can I give my dog bone broth?

There are a few easy ways to give your dog a healthy dose of bone broth to support his long-term vitality:

  • Create your own homemade bone broth in a few easy steps and add a few spoonfuls to your dog’s food each day
  • Find dog treats that already contain bone broth in them (or make your own)
  • Purchase bone broth meal enhancers designed for your furry friend

Remember: it’s not a great idea to feed human bone broth to your dog, as it contains a high sodium content. Make sure you find a bone broth that’s suitable for your canine companion.

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