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Bailey's Story: A Healthy Upgrade for a Senior Dog

Lyndsey Fryer and Megan O'Connor's 13-year-old dog's health was deteriorating—until a fresh diet made a world of difference in her well-being and quality of life.


"It wasn't much time at all before she was doing so much better. She had huge improvements in digestion, her coat became shimmery, her mobility improved, and it's kept her weight steady." 

Newlyweds Lyndsey Fryer and Megan O'Connor both brought beloved pets into the relationship. The happy family of four includes Lyndsey's Terrier-Beagle mix Moose and Megan's black Lab mix, Bailey.

"Megan has had Bailey since college," says Lyndsey, "and she'll be 13 in March." A few years ago, Bailey started to get very sick. "The only way she'd be comfortable was outside, lying in the dirt," says Lyndsey. So the couple sadly started preparing "for this to be it." 

A Rough Road

Megan had a conversation with her vet, and got her precious pup on all sorts of medication. She also started trying a variety of diets in hopes of improving Bailey's health. Though this stabilized Bailey and she became a little more mobile, she still wasn't doing great. "The poor girl. Her digestion was horrible and her coat felt super rough," says Lyndsey. 

But Lyndsey had an idea. Moose was already on Nom Nom, so she suggested they give it a shot for Bailey. And they started noticing major improvements almost immediately.

A Fresh Leash On Life

"Megan used to make fun of me for my 'fancy' dog food," laughs Lyndsey. But once we got Bailey on it, it wasn't much time at all—maybe a month and a half—before she was doing so much better. She had huge improvements in digestion, had solid poop again, and her coat became shimmery, soft, luxurious. She's 13, so her mobility is still somewhat limited, but it's definitely better than it was a year and a half ago. And it's kept her weight stable at 45-50 pounds, which is perfect."

The food gets rave reviews from both pets. Says Lyndsey, "They freak out. They eat at the same time, morning and night. Bailey will get up and start barking at us, it's our cue. She'd never been so excited about food before in all her years."

In addition to being thrilled with the improvements in Bailey's health and quality of life, Lyndsey and Megan love the convenience and ease of having fresh food delivered right to their door. "We travel a lot and bring our dogs whenever we can. It's awesome to be able to grab packs vs. a huge mess of something else."

"I can't thank you enough. Our dogs will be on this forever."

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