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Friday, March 13, 2020
By Alex Jarrell

We’ll keep this blog post up-to-date with the latest as we know more. 


POSTED: 3/22/20

Like many of you, here at Nom Nom, we’ve been taking it day-by-day when it comes to the novel coronavirus COVID-19. So we’d like to take a moment and let you know what’s new. It can be done in two words: nothing and everything. 

Nothing has changed at Nom Nom. We’re still here, making our meals from real, good ingredients. None of our recipes are out of stock, we’re not experiencing delivery delays and we’re fulfilling our orders just as we always have. 

We’re considered an essential business, according to shelter-in-place policies. Our team is still, and will continue, working to make sure that everything we just said is true. And they’re doing it safely and responsibly. 

As we’ve mentioned before, all employees who have the ability to work remotely are doing so. And all employees whose jobs bring them on-site are encouraged to stay home if they’re feeling ill, as has always been our policy. 

Nothing has changed for your pets. We’re continuing to support the health of your pet. And we have great news on that front — experts monitoring the situation maintain that household animals can’t contract or spread the virus. 

Yes. Two dogs in Hong Kong have tested positive, but have shown no symptoms or antibodies. The theory at this time is that the virus was inside their noses, much as it would be on surfaces around infected humans. There is no evidence that it can live in a nasal cavity any longer than it could on your phone. We will continue to closely monitor the findings and provide updates as more information becomes available.

So, please, do not abandon your animals over coronavirus fears. If you’re asked to shelter-in-place, have chosen to self-quarantine, are showing symptoms, or even test positive — please keep your pets home with you or with a family member. You don’t need to worry about getting them sick.

Every day is different. For our on-site staff members, we’ve added extra daily health and safety briefings, sanitation procedures and wash breaks. We’ve also added shifts to both enforce social distancing and to ensure every pet who needs food has it.

We’ve always prepared Nom Nom meals based on the number of orders received. And that’s still true. What’s new is that we’re now offering extra meals for those who feel the need to have more pet food on hand. 

If you’d like to add meal packs to your next order, call Customer Care at 415-991-0669 or reach out to [email protected]

Everything we can do, we will. We’re going through this time with you. We’ve seen the social posts crying “Day 5, climbing the walls,” because many of us are too. 

Our hearts are with all those affected by the measures being taken to slow this virus and support our healthcare system, because we know there are many. 

And we’re committed to supporting our community and country as we hunker down and ride it out. Because the continued support of pet health and wellness can’t be done without all of us. 

Safety Check-in

POSTED: 3/13/20

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise in the US and across the globe, we’d like to take a moment to address the safety of our pet families, our Nommers and our employees. This novel coronavirus has many companies and organizations instituting protocols and measures that could help stem the spread of the pandemic. We’re one of them. 

We’re working with two key members of our team — board certified veterinary nutritionist and practicing doctor of veterinary medicine, Dr. Justin Shmalberg, and expert in infection therapeutics, Dr. Ryan Honaker, as well as our operations support staff to help draft and monitor our response.

First and foremost, if you’re reading this, you’re probably concerned about the safety of your pet — wondering if they can get, carry or spread the virus. Despite unverified internet postings of dogs becoming ill, neither the CDC nor the WHO have received any reports of household animals contracting or spreading COVID-19. We are also tracking the news out of Hong Kong that a dog who tested “weak-positive” for the virus has not shown any signs of the disease.

“So for the moment, we encourage you to not be fearful for or of your pets and focus on reducing exposure to people who could be infected” says Shmalberg. “Animals could have virus particles on them if they have recently been around a shedding person, so if you become infected, your pets should likely be quarantined as well as a precaution.”

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. However, you should always consider it a smart practice to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after being around any animal.

You also don’t have to worry about your pet’s food. According to the CDC, coronaviruses generally spread through person-to-person contact or respiratory droplets (sneezing, coughing, or nose-blowing). While it can be possible to contract the virus through an infected surface or object, there is no evidence to support transmission through foodstuffs. Also, because of their poor survivability rate on surfaces, it is highly unlikely that a coronavirus would be present on products or packaging that are shipped cold over a period of days. 

Though your deliveries are both convenient and safe, we suggest washing your hands after handling as you would anything purchased in a store. We encourage customers who prefer a no-contact delivery to reach out to either Fedex or OnTrac to make that request for all deliveries, not just Nom Nom.

We’re also taking precautions at our facilities, for both your safety and that of our staff. We’re increasing our already rigorous cleaning and sanitation procedures in both production and non-production areas. And increasing the number of scheduled wash breaks.

Because we operate our own facilities, we can control what staff are on the premises at all times. We assure you that only essential personnel not showing any signs of illness are in our food production facilities. Our vertically integrated production model ensures that we can react to this novel coronavirus both early and often, updating our response as new information comes in. 

At the time of this blog post, no Nom Nom employee has reported symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. We’ve instituted additional daily safety briefings focused specifically on best practices for reducing the spread of germs for those who must work on-site, as well as encouraging those who can work remotely to do so. Anyone who thinks they might be ill is supported in their decision to stay home and recover as is always our policy.

We’re preparing for unexpected delays in our supply chain while continuing to ensure that your deliveries arrive fresh, cold and ready to eat. We’ve increased our inventory of fully-recyclable packaging and shipping materials. We’ve opened additional production shifts to meet our delivery demand. And we’re actively working with current and alternate shipping services to ensure reliability on our end — all while still sourcing our whole, natural ingredients exclusively from trusted suppliers in the US.

As always, we’ll let you know beforehand if we expect any delays in your shipments. Remember to check your inbox for tracking information, or call 415-991-0669 if you have a concern. 

We know how important it is that your pet receives their Nom Nom. 

Our greatest wish is for the health of you and your pets, regardless of COVID-19 concerns. We will continue to keep you abreast of the situation, as well as monitor the wellness of our staff and employees. 

Please, stay safe. 


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