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Tuesday, May 08, 2018
By Dan Massey

You’ve already given your dog the best gift imaginable, the gift of good food, but this is one way to make it even better. If you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a feature in your account section where you can select ‘Recipe Rotation’. Turn it on, and your pup will receive a different recipe every week! Your recipe rotation can include all 4 of our delicious offerings or just the ones you know you want. If your dog has any allergies, or you simply aren’t interested in any of the recipes, just de-select those recipes. 

The health benefits of rotating recipes

Food allergies are increasingly occurring in dogs, and the most common cause of them is repeated exposure to an ingredient, day after day, year after year. Why? Because most dog owners pick a recipe when the dog is a puppy (or first switches to adult dog food), and stick with it for a lifetime. Eating the same thing every day isn’t natural for dogs, which is why the body eventually develops an intolerance, forcing the dog to eat something different.

The body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals, and it’s challenging to get a complete nutritional profile from the same food with absolutely no variety. This is why allergies typically appear in dogs over time and most frequently are to one of the main ingredients in your dog’s diet. Wonder why chicken and beef are the most common allergies in domestic dogs? Because they’re the most common ingredients in dog food.

Feed a dog chicken recipes for years on end, and you’ll likely find them developing a chicken allergy (and potentially allergies to other ingredients in the diet). Switch them to beef, and you might buy yourself a few more years before it happens with the ingredients in that diet. Along the way, you cause your dog discomfort, stress, and likely spend a pretty penny treating the symptoms, rather than treating the problem along the way.

However, by somewhat-regularly alternating the recipe your dog receives (not the type of food– remember, switching types of food requires a transition period), a week-to-week or month-to-month change of recipe can help your dog’s body fully absorb all of the nutrients in each recipe, while also receiving a varied nutrient profile from each recipe. 

The best for picky eaters and easy-to-pleasers

If your dog is a picky eater, you’ve probably found that fresh food is all they’ll eat. But even then, you worry that they may bore of their food. Recipe rotation is strongly recommended as a solution for picky eaters, who will appreciate the noticeable variation in their food, in addition to reaping all of the health benefits. 

How to turn on Recipe Rotation

Visit your NomNomNow account here (not a customer yet? Follow this link to sign up, and you can select Recipe Rotation from the start).


Under each dog’s profile, simply click the drop-down for recipe rotation, and make sure it says 'Recipe rotation is on'. Below, select the recipes your dog loves most.

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