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Nom Nom Pet Health Webinars — 2020 Schedule

Wednesday, June 03, 2020
By Kyle Bunthuwong

Besides making real, good pet food, we’re also dedicated to bringing you the latest, most important health info for your pets. We can do that because we’ve got a science team consisting of a board certified veterinary nutritionist and an expert in microbiology (that’s gut health). Join them in our Nom Nom webinar series as they break down the science of pet health into tips to help you keep your pets shiny and happy. We'll be updating this page with new information as it becomes available.

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Stay tuned for more information coming 2021. If you're still hungry for pet health information, you can view our previously recorded webinars below.

Browse our webinar archives and binge on all things pet health: 

Pet Health and Nutrition

April 29, 2020

Learn about the difference a fresh food diet can make for your pet. Dr. Justin Shmalberg, board certified veterinary nutritionist and Nom Nom’s Chief Nutrition Officer, talks about pet nutrition and how he formulates Nom Nom recipes to support your pet based on their age, breed, weight and health goals. 

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The Pet Microbiome

June 3rd, 2020

Nom Nom’s Director of Microbiology, Dr. Ryan Honaker, offers a deep dive on the microbiome — what it is, the impact it has on your pet’s immune system and how to keep it (and the rest of your pet) balanced and healthy. 

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DIY vs. Nom Nom Fresh

Tuesday, July 1st

Fresh food made from real ingredients is better for your pet than what’s usually certified as okay in commercial dog and cat food. Does that mean you should make your pet’s meals? Dr. Justin Shmalberg, board certified veterinary nutritionist and Nom Nom’s Chief Nutrition Officer, tells you about ingredients vital to your pet’s health that might be missing from a home-cooked meal, and how Nom Nom recipes are formulated to give your pet what they need.

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Vetinar — Vets, Get Your Nom Nom Questions Answered

Thursday, July 16

More and more vets are recommending fresh diets to help support both curative and preventative courses — learn why.

Join us for a conversation with one of your own — board certified veterinary nutritionist Justin Shmalberg, DVM. Unlike many of our other topics, this webinar is all about you and your questions. If you’ve had qualms about recommending fresh, bring them. If you’ve had success with certain diets, let us know. If you’re exploring how to decrease obesity in your patients, we can dig into that too. It’s your call free online session. Submit all of your questions here.

The Ultimate Dog Feeding Guide

Wednesday, July 22

The one to watch if you’re interested in the best food to give your dog, and how our veterinary nutrition team develops Nom Nom recipes. 

Dogs will eat almost anything — whether it’s good for them or not. Since you can’t always trust their taste buds to clue you in on the right foods to give them, join us for Part 1 of our Ultimate Feeding Guide webinar series. Learn which foods can help improve your dog’s overall health and immunity and what not to feed them, and what each ingredient that goes into our fresh food recipes does for your dog. 

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The Ultimate Cat Feeding Guide 

Wednesday, July 22

Our veterinary nutrition team explains how they developed Nom Nom’s recipes and shares expert guidance on the healthiest food for your cat.

True or false: Cats need carbs in their diets. Other good questions: Why are cats such picky eaters, and how can you get them to eat food that’s good for them? Join us for Part 2 of our Ultimate Feeding Guide webinar series, all about cats and how the right diet can keep them in purring-good health. 

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The Ultimate Puppy Feeding Guide

Wednesday, August 19

Did you just get a puppy, or are you thinking of getting one soon? Congratulations! And watch this webinar for the best feeding guidance. 

If you have a new puppy, or you’re thinking of getting one, the third part in our Ultimate Feeding Guide webinar series will fill you in on everything you need to know about puppy feeding: the best kind of food, how much and when to feed, and more. A must for new puppy parents or puppy veterans, this webinar will help you set your new pup up for a lifetime of good health. 

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