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How to Get Your Cat to Eat a Fresh Diet

You love your cat and you want her to be happy and healthy. Providing her with a fresh diet, full of the right nutrition for her health is a key step in that direction. However, one way that cats and kittens are definitely like their pet parents is that they can be picky about what they eat and stubborn to accept change. It is not a matter of individual personality; felines are naturally neophobic, which means they resist changes to their environment and routines. While this may cause a small bump in the road, and you should not worry too much if she rejects new pet food at first, taking steps to make this a smooth transition can help stave off the discomfort of what might otherwise be a sudden, cold-turkey change in diet.

Why choose a fresh diet?

Of all the various methods you could choose to feed your cat, why go totally fresh? Any healthy feline diet worth its salt content (or lack thereof) tends to work with several important truths in mind:

Knowing these cat nutrition basics, the next step after making the switch is to help it happen smoothly. Consult your veterinarian with any concerns you may have.

Fussy Transition Steps

You're on board and ready to switch your cat's diet, and it's important for your cat and her peace of mind to make it easy on her. This can involve more than just changing what food you give her, such as small changes to your routine.

If she is fussy about moving to the new diet, there are a few steps you can take to help her adjust:

Consistency is key in making this work. If your cat continues to reject the new food after following these steps, you can withhold the old food entirely for a meal or two, only offering the fresh food. If your cat does not eat for a full 24 hours, give them a meal of the old food, then try again. Do not exceed 24 hours, though.

Fussy Cat Feeding Tips

Sometimes the easiest little changes you make to help the transition along can make for a smoother experience overall. Try little tricks like:

As mentioned before, what helps your cat the most in making this switch toward a healthier diet is if you and the rest of your family stick to the new rules. Contact your vet to discuss other transition tips.

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By Dan Massey